Monday, November 23, 2009

What was that blog world? Where did I go? Oh, yes. Did I forget to mention that I'm rather easily distracted? Sorry about that. What have I been doing? Long story, but I'll try.

Not much, really.

Well, not much of that Real Life stuff. Real Life is highly overrated anyway. On that front, I've become an official "Helper" in the crawlers class at church now and I love it! Other then that, I have Bible study every Sunday night where I hope someone I kinda-sorta-halfway know will show up so I'll have someone to talk to, because that's pretty much it for Real Life encounters with people my age. Well ... I have monthly-ish homeschool group stuff with some teenagers, but they're all younger then me and while they're very nice I haven't really "clicked"with any of them, so we aren't what you'd call close. Oh, and we've acquired a Beagle puppy named Missy that we are attempting to housebreak. Add some typical family insanity that's likely nowhere near as interesting to people who aren't actually in the family and that's pretty much it on the Real Life front.

Now on to Online Life. Much more interesting lately. As I seem to have had an airhead moment and totally forgotten to mention my other online-best-friend (Who am I kidding? Do I have a Real Life best friend? No. So they're just my best friends.) Mary -who is the absolute best and my twin who is somehow over a year younger then me and lives several states away, I'll mention her now. Oh, wait ... I seem to have just done that. Well, on to other things.

Mary, another online friend Tori and myself have been very busy. Mary had a brilliant idea and when Tori and I helped her expand on it, we started Snapshot Search. Snapshot Search is a project that is working to find missing children, our main project is the Celebrity Snapshot Search, which involves getting celebrities to take pictures of themselves holding up a missing poster or wearing a tee-shirt featuring a missing child and allow it to be posted online for their fans to see. We also have many other projects that anyone can help with and you can learn more about the project at , the website for the project. Why, you are likely asking, did I just give Mary and Tori "code names" only to link you to a site that gives our real first names? Because I'm obsessive compulsive like that and want everyone here to be equal here.

Other then that, which has been a major, major, major project, I've also been busy with my fansites. I've recently gotten contact with another of the boys I run a site for and his girlfriend and I have really, really enjoyed talking to them. The sites can be a lot of work at times though and I've been putting off saving and adding screencaps I was given permission to use to Totally Austin as well as putting up a much-needed new layout on Dylan Cash Central. Look at that - I'm putting it off again now!

I hope to get back into the blogging world, but the truth is - I've been out of it for a while and no longer know of many updated blogs, so if anyone finds this, please leave me a comment so I can find you and suggest a few blogs for me! When I write again I'll try to get into some of the family insanity this blog is named for, until then...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome To My Life!

Well, I've done blogs many times before in my life. Generally I just hopped from one to the other, but most recently I simply got to busy for one. It's been a while so I decided on a fresh start. Here I am!

I suppose it might be best to let you know a bit more about me, so here we go! As I'm homeschooled and we don't have a second car at the moment, my friends are church friends. I went through a beyond shy period when we first started going to the Church (way back in fifth grade) and I have one friend who took me under his wing and kept me from spending to much time with the walls. This friend is Mark. Over the years I have spent a ton of time with Mark and his little brother Matt and Mark's friends have become my "friends". The only other one I'm really close to in the group is Natasha, and I tend to joke "Mark could lose his head if it wasn't attached, Natasha can lose it even though it still is.". Natasha is ... "Flighty" as my mom says and it's caused some problems in the past, but she's so sweet you can just can't be mad at her. We've been growing apart more lately though. The whole group (minus Matt) is leaving for collage this summer and Mark at least is leaving the state, so there wouldn't be much time left to spend with them anyway.

I also talk to Aly, Will and Cole sometimes at church. Mostly Cole though, as I've had a crush on him for quite a long time. He plays guitar for the youth band and church and for an old friend of mine from a dance class (who I never get to see anymore) who's a Christian singer with three CD's out at just barely eighteen. Lately some of the middle school kids hang around me, possibly because I give them quarters for drinks and snacks. It's mostly Logan though, whose thirteen, taller then me and very funny. I help his mom out in the one year old's Sunday School class a lot. Also on the friends front, there is my best online-friend Jon who's also homeschooled and just as LOST-obsessed as I am.

I am the oldest of four children. The much-oldest. Grace is nine, Alex is eight, Owen is four and I am respectively seven, eight and twelve years older then them. I'm also very close to my little cousins. I have five first cousins and two third cousins we are fairly close too. The first cousins are: Colin (nine), Aaron (six), Rose (seven), Faith (four) and Allen (one). The two little second cousins are Tiffany (nine) and Stephanie (six). You'll probably hear a good bit about that group if you keep reading because I adore them all! My mom also baby-sit's two young children we've nicknamed "Fish" (girl, three) and "Tadpole" (boy, two). My dad came up with the names ... it's a rather long story but they actually answer to them!

I spend most of my free time online looking up LOST related stuff, working on my fansites, visiting a few message boards, making fan music videos, making fanart and reading and writing fan-fiction. I don't write much fan-fiction, just a couple stories involving the characters some of the kids I have fansites for have played. I really love reading so I'm always looking up new fan-fics when I can't get new books to read. My favorite author (yes, of actual books) is Melody Carlson who writes a ton of great books for Christian teenagers.

Well, I think that about covered it. I hope you'll come back to read about the crazy things that happen in this life I just described. Such as the time someone set up and expensive and elaborate luau in my cousin G's yard (and he never found out who did it), but that's another story!

Love, Katy!

P.S: Names have been changed to protect people's privacy, but I really do go by Katy a lot - it's just a nickname.